Head office: 15 HO TUNG MAU Street (41 New No) ,
TEL & FAX: (84-60) 3912788   Hot line: +84.905112037
Email: info@vietnamhighlands.com: huynh.kontum@gmail.com
About us
The Central Highlands of Viet Nam, especially in the Kon Tum area. We have
a team of tourist guides who have worked in Kon Tum for more than 10 years.
They include English-speaking and French-speaking guides who can also speak
the local Banhar and Ja Rai languages fluently. Many of them are full- or
part-Banhar and have grown up in the surrounding villages. They have an
excellent knowledge of ethnic minority culture and history, and experience in
taking tourists trekking in the Central Highlands’ thick jungle.
Join us for a wonderful time in Kon Tum.
Please don’t hesitate to call us for any information you need.

Kon Tum offers
Some of the least known, but possibly most rewarding trekking in Vietnam...
See a good  selection ofthe local villages with a local guide- motorcycle tours
are the best way to go... visit a Jarai cemetery, take part in aBahnar dance
and wine-drinking ceremony, listen to traditional music played on traditional
instruments, or just tour the villages to soak up the local culture and learn
about the significance their customs. The Kon Tum tour scene  has a 'starguide'
named Nguyen Do Huynh, AKA Mr Huynh. Given his personal sense of humour,
charisma, and mastery of several tribal languages in addition to excellent
English and French, it's easy to see why he's become the man to see when
booking a tour in Kon Tum. Mr Huynh had a request for us when we visited:
travel writers should stop writing about him and start writing about the 564
tribal villages, representing eight different ethnic minorities, surrounding Kon
Tum- villages which almost no one ever visits..."
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