Rong house of sodra people
Weaving clother
Kon Tum is a small town with the surrounding area dotted with montagnard
conflict with the Americans, and even now, decaying weapons and shells abound.

Kon Tum is known for its montagnard villages -- some of them are right on the
edge of town, even within walking distance of your hotel. They received the lions
share of tourists, and are well-accustomed to the routine of presenting dance and
music performances in traditional dress, along with wine drinking and healthy
helping of local hospitality.
Such tours are cheap and worthwhile, as far as they go, especially if you're
pressed for time, on a limited budget, or travelling in a large group. But further
afield, there are over five hundred mountain villages in the surrounding area,
representing eight different ethnic minority groups. Some of these places
require a two- or three-day trek to reach, and have hosted more western
anthropologists over the years than western tourists -- and precious few of the
former at that. "Vietnam Central Highlands Guide"
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